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What is the Nomad-1 compatible with?

The Nomad-1 will directly connect to any device using a 3.5mm jack. Most mobile phones and laptops use a 3.5mm connectivity. The Nomad-1 connects directly to console controllers that use 3.5mm jack, ie: Xbox One and PS4™. It is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch.


Is the Nomad-1 wireless?

The Nomad-1 is a wired headset.


How do I use my Nomad-1 with a PC?

We have included a PC splitter adapter in case if your PC uses separate green/pink connectors for audio.


What if I am not a gamer, is the Nomad-1 just a gaming headset?

No. The headset is not limited to gaming but can also be used on mobile devices for phone calls and on-line chat. Your Nomad-1 is great for listening to music. Trust us, this is a versatile headset that you can take anywhere.


Why two mic options?

While the boom mic provides clear crystal chat, some may not want to wear it all the time, therefore we have included a second mic option on the in-line controller where you can take calls while on-the-go.


What if both mics are connected at the same time?

By default, your voice will be heard through the boom mic. If you want to use the 2nd mic as an option, simply detach the boom mic and store it away with the included pouch.